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Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) School

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If you’re looking to take your career to the next level, gaining the knowledge to become a Certified Profession Medical Auditor (CPMA) might be the right choice for you.

As a medical auditor, you will be responsible for auditing medical billing and coding records to ensure that health practitioners are compliant with the latest federal standards. Medical auditors usually work regular business hours and can be employed by medical offices or hospitals that want to conduct in-house audits, or by regulatory agencies that perform official audits.

As a CPMA, you can make an excellent living and be in demand around the country. The current median income for CPMAs in America is $56,064, according to This is a position that has the potential to lead to even more lucrative jobs managing other auditors. The more experience you have, the more you can make as a medical auditor.

The Next Step in Your Career

Becoming a CPMA is usually considered a next step after working as a medical coder or a medical biller for two to three years. The CPMA exam is administered by the AAPC, the same organization that governs the medical billing and medical coding exams. The AAPC recommends working as a medical biller or medical coder to build proficiency in these roles before pursuing a medical auditor certification. An associate’s degree is also recommended. Some CPMA positions require a bachelor’s degree.

If you’re ready to move into the demanding and exciting world of medical auditing, a reputable CPMA school like Allied Prep can help you achieve your goals. With our 18-week CPMA program, you can build the necessary skills to pass your CPMA exam and succeed in a new career as a medical auditor. The course covers such skills as:

  • How to identify and report fraud and abuse in medical documentation

  • Coding quality assurance

  • Methods of statistical sampling

  • Proper reporting and communication skills

  • And advanced medical coding

The Allied Prep CPMA program is designed to help students succeed. Students will have the opportunity to take practice CPMA exams multiple times before the end of the course so that they feel fully prepared when the time for the real thing comes. In our supportive classroom environment, you’ll be able to learn from the experiences of other students as well as our highly experienced instructor.

Allied Prep programs are just 16-18 weeks to make it as convenient as possible for students to finish the program. We understand that work and family commitments can make obtaining further education a challenge, so we strive to make our classes as focused and beneficial as they can be. Plus, if for any reason you don’t pass your CPMA exam the first time, you can always access refresher materials for free to improve your chances the next time around.

Allied Prep also offers affordable pricing and financial aid options. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to learn due to financial constraints. If you have questions about financial aid, or if you’d like to learn more about the CPMA program, contact our office or stop by campus today.

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