CPMA Exam Tips and Preparation

CPMA Exam Tips

The Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) exam is the test that you must pass in order to step into a job as a medical auditor. These jobs can be quite lucrative and are a great next step for professional medical coders or billers.

CPMA exams cover a number of topics, including general coding concepts, quality assurance, communication of results, the medical record, and government guidelines for medical documentation fraud and abuse reporting. Currently, the exam costs $350 to take and allows one free retake.

CPMA Exam Prep

The first step in CPMA exam prep is understanding the format of the exam and what will be expected of you. In your years of experience as a medical biller or medical coder, you’ll have already gained a lot of the experience necessary to do well on the test. But you will need to expand your knowledge, particularly of fraud detection and other auditing skills, in order to pass the exam.

The exam is a 150 question test made up entirely of multiple choice questions. You’ll be given five hours and forty minutes to complete the test, and you will be able to use your coding manuals during the whole thing. The AAPC recommends that test takers bring their own copy of the Current CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II manuals.

Prepare the Smart Way

CPMA exams are notoriously difficult, so it’s important to prepare diligently in advance.

The best way to do that is with a CPMA certification course. By meeting regularly with a qualified instructor, either online or in a classroom, and practicing your skills in advance of the test, you can greatly increase your odds of passing the first time. Our best CPMA exam tips are to take practice tests early and often, and you’ll be able to do exactly that in our CPMA certification program.

Beyond exam prep, Allied Prep’s CPMA course also helps prepare students for a career as a medical auditor. The course will provide you with practical knowledge and skills that will help you step into a medical auditing job quickly and excel at your work.

Learn more about Allied Prep’s CPMA certification program by contacting our school today. You can also stop by the campus or fill out this form to request more information.