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Medical Billing Job: What You Can Expect

Dear Google,

I am preparing for a career in medical billing. I want to know how medical billers spend an average day at work.  What do they do? Who do they interact with? How much workload do they have? Do they have flexible work timings? And any other additional information that you can provide me with to help me better understand of what I can expect when I get into the workforce.

Google is reading your message and writing a reply…

Hello, Aspiring Medical Biller!

An average day in the life of a medical biller is quite exhaustive. You have plenty of claims to create. You have a lot more claims to file. And then, there are some returned rejected claims that you have to review, correct and file again, so that the patient and the doctor can be properly reimbursed.

This can be all too tiring.

But come the end of the day, knowing that you made a difference in the life of yet another patient is definitely satisfying. You get a sense of accomplishment that only medical billers can relate with.

Your job is one of the most satisfying jobs out there and it also pays quite well.

When you will join your first organization, probably the very first question that your employerwill ask youis: what shift timings will you prefer?

A medical billing job offers flexible shift timings. You can choose any schedule you want. Some medical billers are early birds; some love working in the afternoon, while others are happy to work at night.

During their shift, a medical biller is expected to complete and file a fixed number of insurance claims. This number varies from employer to employer. Before leaving for home, you should complete and file the claims assigned to you for the day. Of course, some claims take time to be created, so unless there is a pending deadline, you can take your time.

Medical billers must make sure that the claims they are creating are accurate and free of all errors. For that, a medical biller needs to be in constant communication with doctors, medical coders and the respective insurance companies.

Besides creating, filing and reviewing disputed claims, medical billers may also have other job responsibilities.

Some medical billers deal in full practice management where they handle all aspects of billing for the organization they are working. That is, from submitting claims to tracking accounts payable and receivable to billing patients.

These other responsibilities do not require the understanding of medical coding schemes, but are nevertheless detail intensive.

So, the Aspiring Medical Biller, does this answer all your questions?

Do you have some more questions to ask?

Google recommends consulting the expert team of Allied Prep Technical Institute for any further help.

For now, Google would like to take your leave.

Good luck for your future!

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The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Medical Coder

For the longest time, the complicated processes of medical billing and medical coding were performed by licensed practitioners – even though they weren’t trained for the job. As the years went on, doctors and dentists alike began to realize that these two domains of healthcare are extremely complicated and should be handled by experienced billers and coders.

Thus began the migration towards outsourced medical billing and coding. If your healthcare center is late on the trend, allow us to explain how your professional practice stands to benefit from hiring an experienced medical coder.

1. Extensive Knowledge:

The best thing about getting an experienced medical coder on board is the unmatched wealth of knowledge and expertise that they possess. It’s no secret that coding is an incredibly difficult job (as the 10th rendition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases alone boasts more than 68,000 different medical codes).

However, by hiring a medical coder, you eliminate the need to memorize these codes and can focus on offering the best healthcare services to your patients.

2. Unmatched Experience:

It goes without saying that if you run a medical or dental practice, there are going to be complications involved. After all, every coder or biller who has worked in the industry for a long period of time is no stranger to rejected claims or payment complications.

That being said, experienced medical coders who have handled complicated projects in the past know how to handle these scenarios so as to minimize the downtime and enhance the end-user experience. Therefore, by hiring them, you can significantly improve your brand image and make things easier for your patients!

3. HIPAA Compliance – Guaranteed!

Allied Prep Technical Institute

HIPAA compliance is mandatory for all medical and dental practices as any violations can leave you facing heavy sanctions and fines. What complicates proceedings is that these regulations change with time which makes it difficult for licensed practitioners to stay HIPAA compliant.

This is where an experienced medical coder comes into the picture. These highly-trained individuals know all there is to know about HIPAA compliance and can help your practice adhere to the ever-changing rules and regulations. This prevents financial losses and ensures that your practice doesn’t have to bear the brunt of lawsuits and legal proceedings.

4. Distractions Minimized:

The needlessly complicated process of medical coding can be very distracting to licensed practitioners who have little to no training in this domain of healthcare services.

In fact, medical coding can even limit their ability to care for their patients as they have to spend a significant portion of their day performing billing and coding tasks.

However, with an experienced medical coder on deck, doctors can minimize distractions and focus primarily on the quality of healthcare they provide.

This does wonders for the end-user experience and can even help you attract more patients in the future.

It’s because of these reasons (and countless others) that we’re such strong advocates of hiring experienced medical practitioners. We hope that this blog post has underlined the importance of medical billing and that your practice will only rely on experienced professionals in the future.

About Allied Prep Technical Institute:

We are a medical training institute that offers medical billing and coding training and certifications to our students on our campuses and online. Our rigorous tests and training programs arm our students with the knowledge and the expertise they need to perform their job at the highest level possible.

Contact us today to learn more about how you stand to benefit from signing up for our classes!

Mythbusting: Medical Billing Edition

There are countless medical brochures that promise a life of riches to medical billing students provided they sign up for a six weeks course. Promotional brochures take sensationalism to the next level by falsely promising lucrative incentives like short work hours, easy workload, and simple training, etc.

It goes without saying that these statements are senseless myths that don’t have a shred of truth attached to them. As such, we’ve decided to discuss and debunk a few of the most commonly heard myths about the noble profession of medical billing.

Myth #1 – Medical Coding And Billing Are The Same Profession:

The biggest misconception people have about medical billing is that it’s the same thing as medical coding. Given the fact that the aforementioned promotional brochures use the two terms interchangeably, it’s no surprise that this is one myth that just refuses to go away.

Make no mistake about it; medical coding and medical billing are two different (but complementary) professions. The former is about transforming medical records (such as prescriptions and test results, etc.) into alphanumeric codes so that they can be understood by the medical biller.

Similarly, a medical biller takes these alphanumeric codes and generates an easy-to-understand bill. However, prior to medical bill generation, the medical biller must also verify the validity of medical and insurance documents so that the patient is guaranteed a quicker and a smoother healthcare experience.

Myth #2 – Medical Billing Professionals Work From Home:

Medical Billing Edition

Although mobility may be the talk of the town in the healthcare industry, medical billing – as a job – isn’t necessarily performed from home.

Medical billing professionals, especially those who have less than 5 years of experience in their relative field, must work under the direct supervision of an industry veteran. This is done to ensure that a novice medical biller doesn’t make any errors in the process which may lead to processing delays.

However, once a billing expert has worked in their industry long enough, medical and dental practices are more than willing to let them work from home.

Myth #3 – Medical Billing Is Easy:

By far the worst thing we’ve heard about medical billing is that it’s easy. The general public (and even doctors to some extent) constantly undermine the importance of medical billing and the work done by medical billers by calling their work unimportant and simple.

Contrary to popular belief, medical billing is NOT an easy profession. First and foremost, the medical biller needs to acquaint themselves with standard medical code sets and subsets. Extensive knowledge about these domains makes it easier for the biller to convert codes into healthcare claims that must be submitted to the insurance company.

Once the claim has been processed by the insurance company, the returned claim is handed over to the medical biller for final verification. The medical biller must then draft a final bill that takes every detail into account and is in line with the claims of the insurance provider.

That being said, this doesn’t mean medical billing is rocket science as there are some simple steps you can take to improve your understanding of the noble profession. You could choose to enhance your understanding by enrolling in medical billing online classes offered by medical training institutes.

Allied Prep Technical Institute also offers comprehensive classes that will help you develop a better understanding of medical billing and give you a competitive edge over your peers. Enroll in our classes today to significantly increase your chances of succeeding in the billing industry!

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