The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Medical Coder

For the longest time, the complicated processes of medical billing and medical coding were performed by licensed practitioners – even though they weren’t trained for the job. As the years went on, doctors and dentists alike began to realize that these two domains of healthcare are extremely complicated and should be handled by experienced billers and coders.

Thus began the migration towards outsourced medical billing and coding. If your healthcare center is late on the trend, allow us to explain how your professional practice stands to benefit from hiring an experienced medical coder.

1. Extensive Knowledge:

The best thing about getting an experienced medical coder on board is the unmatched wealth of knowledge and expertise that they possess. It’s no secret that coding is an incredibly difficult job (as the 10th rendition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases alone boasts more than 68,000 different medical codes).

However, by hiring a medical coder, you eliminate the need to memorize these codes and can focus on offering the best healthcare services to your patients.

2. Unmatched Experience:

It goes without saying that if you run a medical or dental practice, there are going to be complications involved. After all, every coder or biller who has worked in the industry for a long period of time is no stranger to rejected claims or payment complications.

That being said, experienced medical coders who have handled complicated projects in the past know how to handle these scenarios so as to minimize the downtime and enhance the end-user experience. Therefore, by hiring them, you can significantly improve your brand image and make things easier for your patients!

3. HIPAA Compliance – Guaranteed!

Allied Prep Technical Institute

HIPAA compliance is mandatory for all medical and dental practices as any violations can leave you facing heavy sanctions and fines. What complicates proceedings is that these regulations change with time which makes it difficult for licensed practitioners to stay HIPAA compliant.

This is where an experienced medical coder comes into the picture. These highly-trained individuals know all there is to know about HIPAA compliance and can help your practice adhere to the ever-changing rules and regulations. This prevents financial losses and ensures that your practice doesn’t have to bear the brunt of lawsuits and legal proceedings.

4. Distractions Minimized:

The needlessly complicated process of medical coding can be very distracting to licensed practitioners who have little to no training in this domain of healthcare services.

In fact, medical coding can even limit their ability to care for their patients as they have to spend a significant portion of their day performing billing and coding tasks.

However, with an experienced medical coder on deck, doctors can minimize distractions and focus primarily on the quality of healthcare they provide.

This does wonders for the end-user experience and can even help you attract more patients in the future.

It’s because of these reasons (and countless others) that we’re such strong advocates of hiring experienced medical practitioners. We hope that this blog post has underlined the importance of medical billing and that your practice will only rely on experienced professionals in the future.

About Allied Prep Technical Institute:

We are a medical training institute that offers medical billing and coding training and certifications to our students on our campuses and online. Our rigorous tests and training programs arm our students with the knowledge and the expertise they need to perform their job at the highest level possible.

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Can I Learn Medical Billing and Coding from Home?

Learn Medical Billing and Coding from Home

Perhaps you’ve heard that you can make great money and work better hours as a medical biller or a medical coder. Medical billing and coding careers are hot right now, because more of these positions are appearing all of the time. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that these careers will grow at a much faster rate than average over the next ten years.

But you already work a full time job, and you can’t take time off to go to school. Or maybe you have a young family that needs you at home. Who would watch your kids while you were in class? Or maybe you don’t live anywhere near a school where you can learn medical billing and coding.

Fortunately, you can learn medical billing and coding from home in just eighteen weeks. At Allied Prep, we offer online courses in both medical billing and medical coding. The course work allows you to access practice problem sets, lectures, help from the instructor, and practice certification exams, all from the comfort of your own home.

All you need is an internet connection, and you can start down the path to a more rewarding career. Online coursework gives you the flexibility to learn and study according to your own schedule. It cuts out the need for finding babysitters and sitting in traffic to get to class. Online classes are also more affordable than their in-class alternatives.

Medical billers and coders enjoy great career paths. Either job can lead to higher level positions in hospital or medical office administration. In these jobs, you can expect to work regular hours, have opportunities to work overtime at a great rate, and be in-demand around the country. The main obstacle to getting started is that you need to be certified to qualify for these positions.

But that doesn’t have to be an obstacle with online courses from Allied Prep. In as little as eighteen weeks, you can learn all the skills and knowledge that you need to pass the certification exam.

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