Announcing Allied Prep’s New IT Support Technician Program

Online IT Technician Certification

Allied Prep is pleased to announce a new addition to our course offerings. The IT Support Technician Program gives students the skills and knowledge that they need to become an IT technician at a large company, a small IT firm, or as a freelancer.

Our IT technician school is an 16-week in-class program that prepares students to pass the CompTIA A+ certification test. This certificate is nationally recognized, and it’s a necessary first step toward a career in IT support.

IT technicians are needed in virtually every major company around the country. IT technician jobs can lead to management positions. They can also lay the base for further technical training in the lucrative and growing field of technology.

The IT Support Technician program does not currently offer an online IT technician certification. Instead, students come to our state-of-the-art learning center to gain hands-on experience. The class is led by an instructor with over fifteen years of experience in IT. He has worked in both government and private industry positions, and he is Microsoft certified. Every time students come into class, they’ll be given opportunities to learn from his experience.

Classes deal with real-world problems and situations faced by IT technicians. The goal of the program is to not just help you pass the certification exam, but to also give you the practical skills and know-how to succeed in an entry level IT job. You’ll gain a solid understanding of the job itself, the work environments you’d be a part of, and the knowledge you’ll need to advance.

Of course, you’ll also have opportunities to take practice CompTIA A+ certification exams. Taking practice tests multiple times will help you become familiar with the format, the style, and the content you can expect to be tested on.

A new career could be just eighteen weeks away. Whether you’re struggling to find a job out of high school, can’t get anywhere with your bachelor’s degree, or are tired of your current career path, getting certified in a practical skill like IT can help you turn your entire life around. It technicians often work regular hours, enjoy employee benefits, have opportunities to advance, and make a great starting salary.

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