Becoming an IT Specialist in New Orleans

IT Specialist New Orleans

Think of the American corporate workforce. What does it run on? If you answered technology, email, and the Internet, you answered well. Visit any workplace and you’ll see that Information Technology is everywhere. And, while the majority of workers rely on this technology, most do not know how to implement, monitor, or even maintain it. That’s why Information Technology Specialists (IT Specialist for short) are in demand.

You may be wondering what IT Specialists do. The truth is, their roles vary and really depend on the need of the organizations that employ them. However, generally speaking, IT Specialists administer databases, technological systems, and computer networks. They may have to analyze office networks to improve efficiency, audit technology that is in place, or oversee the security of servers and databases used by the company. Information Technology always has been a growing field because technology continues to evolve at lightening-speed. This means that Information Technology Specialist jobs are pretty abundant across the country, particularly in New Orleans.

IT Specialist Jobs in New Orleans

Are you someone who loves technology and likes to wear many hats? If so, an IT Specialist job may be ideal for you. Not only will you be in a field that you love and that will keep you on your toes, you’ll also have an opportunity to make a great salary. According to Glassdoor, Information Technology Specialists in New Orleans, LA make an average annual salary of $55,526.00. And, if you move out of the state, there will be comfort in knowing that the national average salary for IT Specialist jobs happens to be $69,088.00 a year.

If a high annual salary is not enough to convince you to become an Information Technology Specialist, perhaps this statistic will. reports that jobs within computer related occupations will increase by 22% by the year 2020. The most in-demand IT jobs will fall within the field of software development which has an expected increase of 28-32%.

How to Get Started

If you you’re looking for IT Specialist jobs in New Orleans, the best thing you can do to get started is to get your certification. Certification will set you apart from other candidates in the field. Getting certified is easy too thanks to Allied Prep. The school has an IT Support Technician program that provides students with the knowledge and skills they need to not only pass the CompTIA A+ Certification exam, but also enter into positions as computer technicians, IT technicians, field technicians, desktop support technicians, or PC support technicians.

Ready to learn more? Contact Allied Prep today and ask to receive information on our IT Support Technician program. Also inquire about our financial aid options as we’re committed to making education affordable for every student.

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