Why Allied Prep is the Place to Receive Training?


To enjoy a lucrative and progressive career as a medical biller, medical coder or a medical auditor, it is important that you expand and strengthen your skill set. And one of the best ways to do this is to enroll in a training program. Talking about education, professional training and career growth, Allied Prep is a leading medical technical institute in New Orleans that provides technical training to students helping them become certified which is much needed to advance in this field and land a well-paid job.


Indeed, Allied Prep is the best place to receive professional medical technical training. And that is not an overstatement. Let us show you why hundreds and thousands of students across the US prefer to enroll in Allied Prep medical technical institute in New Orleans for medical coding, CPMA and medical billing training programs:


  • Online and On-Campus Training Programs for Student Flexibility and Convenience
  • Unlike other technical institutes, Allied Prep offers students online and on-campus training programs. Allied Prep gives students the flexibility and convenience to select the program according to their work schedule. This means that if you’re already working in the medical field but want to grow professionally and become a certified medical biller without taking time off from work, then you can enroll in our online training program.
    Similarly, if you love interacting with other experienced medical billers and coders and want to become a Certified Professional Medical Auditor, then our Certified Professional Medical Auditor Training classroom program is the best option for you.


  • Curriculum that Combines Quality Education with Real-World Training
  • At Allied Prep Medical Technical Institute in New Orleans, our goal is to inject job ready students in the market. And we do this by providing quality education and real world training to our students so that they start adding value from the day they get hired. Our medical billing, coding and auditing curriculum is devised by industry experts and certified instructors. It not only prepares you for the certification examination but it also trains you to handle, overcome and take on real-world job related challenges tactfully and successfully.
    The curriculum is comprehensive and detail-oriented. For example, students that enroll in our medical billing training programs get to learn how to perform job responsibilities of a medical biller. These include how to submit bills, improve cash flows, reduce lag days, maintain patient records, deal with claim disputes, and follow up with insurance companies.
    Furthermore, our instructors focus on improving your professional set of skills by teaching students in our training programs techniques, and sharing tips that otherwise takes several years to learn. In other words, techniques and tips that are gained from experience such as how to reduce denials, delays and roll payments fast.


  • Certified Instructors—this means that you’re Learning and Acquiring Training from the Best in the Industry
  • With us, you can rest assured that no matter what training program you enroll into you will always get to learn from the very best in the industry. That’s right; we have a team of certified instructors who are industry professionals, certified, and passionate. Our team of instructors has a deep industry exposure and is abreast with the latest industry developments. They have the wealth of experience that they share with students. They transfer their knowledge to students through interactive and engaging classroom sessions. They share ideas, experiences and real-world examples to help students understand the billing, coding and auditing professions and their responsibilities in a better way so that no industry challenge related to the field of their choice seems insurmountable.
    One of the top challenges in the medical technical field in particular is accuracy. And this is what our instructors focus on at large. We teach students the techniques and tricks on how to minimize payment delays by reducing rejection rate and entering and coding data accurately.
    Our instructors show you how to verify data and codes and become detail oriented. This is extremely important because jobs in this field demand accuracy, the most. Moreover, as our instructors are abreast with the latest in the industry, they teach students how to stay compliant, and carry on quality checks.


  • Flexible and a Plethora of Fee Payment Options
  • One of the best things about enrolling with Allied Prep is that students have flexible and a plethora of fee payment options to choose from. At Allied Prep, we want every student to acquire quality education and progress in their careers without any financial constraint. With Allied Prep, you don’t have to wait for years before you have adequate finances to enroll in training program and get certified. All you need to do is browse through our variety of convenient fee payment options and get started. With Allied Prep, you can pay through your credit or debit card, PayPal, and private loan. You also have the option to pay for the course as you learn.


  • Clear Your Certification Program in First Attempt
  • The curriculum that we have designed enables our students to clear their certification programs in one attempt. To maximize the students’ chances of clearing their certification examination, in the first go, Allied Prep facilitates students by allowing them to practice the exam multiple times. Hence, by the time they are nearing the end of the course, the students are well-versed in the exam pattern and are prepared to successfully attempt it.
    In addition to this, we also offer a proprietary online assessment tool to help students strengthen their coding and billing skills. Through this tool, students are able to work with real-world medical billing and coding scenarios and issues professionals deal with every day.
    Besides this, Allied Prep has been injected certified and well-trained medical technicians in the healthcare industry for over 20 years now. We are licensed by the Louisiana Board of Regents and take pride in being the top medical technical institute in New Orleans. Our students are the top and first preference of healthcare industry employers in the US looking for medical billers, coders and auditors.
    For more information about our medical billing training programs or to enroll in our coding or auditing certification programs, get in touch with us today.

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