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A Pharmacy Technician, Medical Coding, and Billing Practice Tests that Ensures Success

One of the many advantages of being a student at Allied Prep is access to our Allied Comprehensive Proficiency Assessment (ACPA) tool. This tool is designed to help pharmacy technicians, medical billing, and medical coding students learn all that is required for these professions online.

ACPA is a proprietary system only available through Allied Prep that allows students to strengthen their coding skills using actual medical charts. Unlike other test prep tools that give hypotheticals about medical coding situations, ACPA gives students invaluable real-world experience working with medical charts and dealing with issues that medical coders face every day, such as making sense of unclear diagnoses or interpreting doctors’ handwriting.

At Allied Prep, our medical coding program and medical billing program are designed to help students pass the AAPC the exam. But just as importantly, we want to help students understand how the jobs of medical coders and medical billers actually work so that they can be prepared to succeed when they step into entry-level positions after completing the course.

The ACPA practice tool also helps students learn medical billing online by giving them access to practice exams that mirror the licensure exam. By the time Allied Prep students have completed our coursework and are ready to take the AAPC exam, they will feel like they have already taken it multiple times. This is great for building confidence on exam day, and it’s also an invaluable study tool. Seeing how you do on a medical billing practice test will help you get a strong sense of how much you’ve already learned and what you need to focus on with your studies.

Continued Support and Skill Building with Allied Prep

The ACPA tool is just one of many benefits of attending Allied Prep. Our school has over 20 years of experience helping students gain the necessary skills to become successful professionals. All of our courses, both online and in classrooms, are taught by successful professionals who are experts in their fields. We strive to keep our coursework practical and accessible, helping you gain the skills you need not just to become certified in your chosen field, but also to succeed in your future career.

Allied Prep is so confident in our coursework that we offer free refresher courses to any student who is not successful in passing the licensure exam. Again, these refresher courses are completely free of charge, guaranteed.

So, if you’re stuck in a dead-end job or if your associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree hasn’t led to the career that you were hoping for, invest in a brighter future for yourself and your family.

Medical coders and medical billers are in high demand. Once you are a certified professional coder or certified professional biller, you’ll be qualified for entry-level positions all around the country. You’ll also have excellent opportunities for advancement, as your value as a medical coder only goes up as you gain more experience and expertise.

Your new career can start in as little as 18 weeks. Contact is today to learn more about the advantages of learning from Allied prep, including our proprietary ACPA tool. We can also answer your questions about financial aid, our online courses, and job prospects. 

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