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About Us

Mission Statement 

To educate individuals for employment opportunities, professional growth,and long life learning in the communities we serve. 


Allied Prep Technical Institute puts student success first. Over the last twenty years, we have helped countless students start rewarding new careers. Whether you’re fresh out of high school, struggling to find work with your current degree, or looking to change careers, the courses offered by Allied Prep can help you step into rewarding, high-demand jobs with opportunities for advancement.

Each of our courses is taught by experienced professionals with expertise in their fields. We work to keep our curriculum as up-to-date and helpful as possible. Students have every opportunity to engage with one another, get feedback from their instructors, and gain the necessary practice and knowledge to pass their certification exams. Fill out the form to your right to request more information.


Programs for Medical Coding, Medical Billing, Pharmacy Technician, and IT Support Technician Certification

Allied Prep offers four certification programs, all of which can be taken either in class or online. In the medical coding program, students prepare to pass the AAPC coding exam, the first step toward a career as a successful medical coder. Coders are needed in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other health facilities around the country. It is a growing job opportunity, and this program will allow you to step into an entry-level medical coding position in any state.

Allied Prep offers a course on medical billing. Medical billers must also know medical codes, but are also responsible for the overall billing processes in hospitals and private practices. In this 24-week program, students learn the necessary coding languages as well as the necessary job skills to become a successful medical biller.


Allied Prep also offers a pharmacy technician certification program. This program is taught exclusively by instructors with doctor of pharmacy degrees. Students learn the necessary anatomy, pharmacology, and practical skills to become a pharmacy technician. Students also have the opportunity to take practice PTCB certification exams multiple times throughout the course. This helps ensure that students are able to pass the actual exam right away and step into an entry-level pharmacy technician position at the end of the 16-week course.


For experienced medical billers or medical coders, the Allied Prep Certified Professional Medical Auditor (CPMA) program can take students to the next level of their careers. Attending CPMA school for 4 weeks can substantially improve the earning potential of medical billers and coders by opening up access to higher level positions performing medical coding audits at hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other medical practices.


Finally, Allied Prep has an IT Support Technician program.  This program is designed to leave students with practical knowledge that will help them transition into a new career not only quickly, but affordably.  Students will gain the skills they need to get their CompTIA A+ Certification so they can obtain a position as a computer technician, IT technician, field technician, desktop support technician, or a PC support technician.


The Allied Prep Difference

The most important mission of Allied Prep is student success. We want to see every student who walks through our doors step into a successful career that they can be proud of. We also don’t want anyone to be limited by financial need or scheduling. That’s why we had expanded to offer online courses as well as in class programs. At Allied Prep you can learn medical coding online or you can learn medical billing online according to your own schedule. And if you need financial assistance, just contact us to learn more about our Financial Aid programs. We have plenty of financing opportunities available to students from every walk of life.

Learn more about our medical billing, medical coding, and pharmacy technician, and IT support school programs by giving us a call at 504-304-8826. You can also fill out the form to your right to request more information about Allied Prep.

Invest in yourself. Invest in your career. Invest in your future with an in-demand certification! 



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